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Characteristic of spiral finning tubes

1.      Tubes:

Tube diameters, mm

25,4 - 114,3

Tube wall thickness, mm

2,0 - 12,0

Tube length, mm

3000 - 22000

Tube material:

Carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant high alloy steel ASME 335 T91


2.      Fin:

Fin thickness, mm

0,8 – 2,5
Fin height (after welding), mm 12,0 - 25,4
Fin material Carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel.


3.      Performance parameters (work size): 

Fin per inch 1 - 7
Welding position from tube end, mm 70

Hardware configuration

High-frequency induction welder 400 kHz.

Key features:

  • Input voltage: 380/400/440 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz;

  • Input power– 500 KVA;

  • Power output – 240 KW;

 High-frequency induction welder comprises:

9.1 Electric power supply

·         Stabilizer;

·         Transformer;

·         Rectifier (ac/dc converter);

·         Power controller;

·         Logical controller;

·         Filter;

·         Protection (shutdown);

·         Emergency circuit breaker;

9.2 High-frequency oscillation generator (oscillator)

9.3 Closed-loop (closed-circuit) distilled water cooling system  consisting of:

·         Plate-type heat exchanger;

·         Pump and connecting pipes; the customer should be placed in front of welding machine and then the supplier should be placed inside of machine. (The customer’s scope that all piping, electric work and grounding but the supplier should submit it the drawing).

·         Separator;

·         Automatic temperature control and maintenance valve;

·         Cooling tower with cooling fan;

·         Water header – water tank with filter (manufactured by the Customer);

To ensure normal operational capability of the system at high ambient temperatures, the tank is buried in the earth.

9.4 Remote-controlled alphanumeric output device

9.5 Power and error diagnostics

9.6 Remote control device

·         Power control;

·         Preheating level potentiometer;

·         Start/stop button and display (indicator) lamp;

·         Mode select switch: standby operation or final cutout. Overload reset button;

·         Emergency button;

9.7 Welding tip (head) support table equipped with quick-lift device, air contact adapters (pickups), transfer line and pendant control unit.

Welding system (240кВт 400kHz)

This system is designed for welding  fin (spiral) to  tube and consists of the following units and components:

·      Pipe branch for cooling fin tube,

·      high-frequency output transformer,

·      moving table (downward and upward movement)

     for position adjustment

·   transformer,

·      guide roller and  breaker roller with enhancement (reinforcement) and stabilization systems,

Spark detector is designed for emergency stop of rotating tube in case of fin break off to prevent breakdown of transformer.

Closed-cycle cooling system consisting of the following units:

·         Pump and connecting pipes; the customer should be placed in front of welding machine and then the supplier should be placed inside of machine. (the customer’s scope that all piping, electric work and grounding but the supplier should submit it the drawing).

·         Water header collector – water tank with filter (manufactured by the Customer).



This unit comprises two uncoiling drums and it is designed for fin uncoiling and supplying it to the main machine with continuous running of two uncoiling drums.

Fin butt welding machine

This machine is designed for fin flash butt welding with complete control and inspection of heat treatment after welding. 

Coil outside diameter (O.D.) : 1200 – 1800mm;

Coil inside diameter (I.D.) : 250mm.


Equipment configurations:

2.1 Butt welding machine;

2.2 Guillotine;

2.3 Weld dressing device;

2.4 Pyrometer;

2.5 Set of spare tools and accessories.


This system is designed for continuous fin feeding to the main machine for welding so as to weld the tube without stopping the machine. The system ensures coil feeding to the main machine during coil exchanging process between 1st and 2nd fin coiler.


The machine is a device for fin cutting to produce serrated fin tube.  The fin cutting speed is set automatically depending on tube welding speed and is controlled by means of pointer indicator (dancer).


  • About 300m;

  • Feed speed: 0 - 200 m/min;

  • Fin feeding system controlled by tension sensor;

  • Maximum fin width– 25,4 mm;

  • Fin tension controller: 100mm/100 rpm;

  • Tension control by air cylinder: 3 – 7 kg/сm2.


  • Cutting speed: 120 m/min;

  • Fin thickness: 0,8 – 2,5 mm;

  • Fin height: 10 - 25,4 mm;

  • Cutting height: 0 - 15 mm;

  • Serration cutter life time (carbon steel): 200 – 300 km/1 cutter


Inlet conveyor

Automatic tube feeding device for continuous tube welding which consists of tube storage racks and a feed roller conveyor.


  • Tube length: 3 – 22m;

  • Automatic tube feeding system;

  • Automatic tube transfer system;

  • Tube transfer speed: 15 m/min;

  • Tube diameter: 25,4 – 114,3 mm.

Outlet conveyor:

Automatic device for guiding fin tubes to ensure continuous operation of the machine. It consists of the frame along which a slide travels, adjustable tube support arms and racks for storage of finished finned tubes. 

Tube parameters:

  • Tube length: 3 – 22 m;

  • Tube diameter: 25,4 – 114,3 mm.

Tube surface polish equipment

This equipment ensures tube polishing (cleaning) before welding process to improve welding quality. The equipment is installed immediately before the welding machine.


·         Motor-operated sand belt (paper);

  • Steady rest;

  • Dust collector;

  • Sand paper life time: 3 tubes (20m tube)/1 paper;

  • 2 time sanding system (sand paper);

  • Pressure regulation by air cylinder: 1 - 6 kg/сm2.

Pulling carriage unit:

This device is designed to ensure fin pitch driving depending on tube rotation speed and the pitch rate against rotation speed is constant.

Main rotation device: servo drive;

  • Precise transfer device: rail guide;

  • Precise pitch adjustment: 1 – 7 fins / 1 inch;

  • Hydraulic break device;

  • Maximum rotation speed: 0 – 800 rpm;

  • Welding rotation speed: 0 - 700 rpm.

Monitoring and control system:

·         Touchpad;

·         Automatic power controller;

·         Over voltage protective device;

·         Control over cutting emulsion in cooling system;

·         Spark gap check.



Nova solutions produces the finest finned tube manufacturing equipment in the world. These machines offer the versatility, speed, durability and efficiency you require to maximize the potential of your finned tube manufacturing operations. Whether your interest is for a helically rolled fins or extruded high fins, the finning systems offered by Nova solutions provide you with a complete material handling system from the bare tube to finished finned tube. With over 50 years of machine design experience, Nova solutions offers continued technical and engineering support for its machines in operation throughout the world.



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